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Artist Statement

While exploring the boundaries between consciousness and the unconscious, I pose questions about where perception and material reality overlap and intersect. I ask, how are truth, objectivity, and imagination related? And, where do skepticism and certainty fit into the human quest?

I investigate these multi-faceted issues

photographically. With composites, I weave together original images in intersecting layers, often serendipitously and with exaggerated color. Alternatively black and whites offer suggestions through emotive atmospherics and desaturated hues. Always the answers are skewed through the fallible prism of memory, albeit initially preserved by an “objective” machine.

Composite Photo Galleries

Steady as She Flows,  Magical Mystical Tour Series

Black and White Galleries

From When She Was So Young,  Moments in the Mists Series


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Copyright © 2015, Jay Ressler